Menu of providers

Menu of providers

Trainees who wish to access support from experienced coaches, counsellors and study tutors can find all their details in the document ‘Menu of Providers’. Each provider should have a small amount of information which briefly explains their experience and areas that they specialise in. Further information can be found by talking to members of the PSU team: psu.em@hee.nhs.uk.

The setup will generally be one to one sessions, that could last from 1 – 2 hours. The meetings will usually take place within your local trust unless the provider has their own premises which could be more suitable.

If, as a trainee, you like the idea of one of the support options available, it is best to speak to your supervisor about being referred to the PSU. It should be noted that the PSU cannot fund any private sessions, in which the trainee has gone directly to the provider. A trainee is still more than welcome to do this, should their referral not be accepted.