Less than Full Time Training

Health Education England in the East Midlands (HEE EM) offers Less Than Full Time training in Foundation programmes on a 50% slot-share basis. Training will also include pro rata on-call commitments.


Who is Eligible for LTFT Training?

Those wishing to apply for less than full-time training must show that training on a full-time basis would not be practical for them for well-founded individual reasons.  HEE EM support:

Category 1 Doctors in training with:

  • Disability
  • Ill health 

(those who have health reasons will be required to attend an appointment with the HEE EM Occupational Health before being eligible for the Scheme) 

  • Responsibility for caring for children (men and women)
  • Responsibility for caring for ill/disabled partner, relative or other dependant. 

Category 2 Doctors in training with: 

  • Unique opportunities for their own personal/professional development, e.g. training for national/international sporting events, courses that contribute to the wider curriculum delivered by HEE EM
  • Religious commitment - involving training for a particular role which requires a specific time commitment
  • Non-medical professional development such as management courses, law courses, fine arts courses, etc. 

The scheme is open to those who have a confirmed Foundation training programme allocation. 

Guidance for Trainees on Tier 4 Visas

Please see the UK Foundation Programme Office guidance below relating to Less than Full Time Applications

“Sponsored doctors must be undertaking the Foundation Programme in a full time post. If the foundation doctor opts to train less than full time at any point during the programme, employers must notify the local foundation school, who will report it to the UKFPO as their sponsor. Working less than full time will invalidate a doctor’s Tier 4 visa.”(‘Tier 4 guidance for foundation schools and employers’, Produced by the UK Foundation Programme Office June 2013).

Guidance for Maternity Leave

If you are going on Maternity Leave, the Foundation Programme have a page of resources available on their website that you may find useful here

Application Process

What do I do?

Please contact ltft.em@hee.nhs.uk for an application form.

LTFT Administrator
Westbridge Place 
1 Westbridge Close
Leicester. LE3 5DR
0300 303 3603

The process for applying for Less Than Full Time training is on this process flow chart.  Please ensure you have read and understood this before applying.