What is NETS?
The National Educational Training Survey 2022 is a HEE run survey for all learners across all professions whose training is commissioned by HEE. This includes not only doctors in training but also student doctors nurses, midwives, allied Health professionals and clinical scientists. It give a 'whole system view' of the environment in which you train.

I already complete the GMC NTS survey, why should I complete this survey?
The GMC NTS survey is a valuable tool that only looks at Postgraduate Medical Training in isolation. It helps in quality assuring your training at a local and system wide level. As doctors, we do not work in isolation but as part of a multi-professional team, your input into the the working and learning culture as medical leaders is important in ensuring that those around you are as well supported and supervised as you are. NETS helps drive quality improvement for you, your fellow healthcare workers and, importantly, patients.

How will I receive information on how to complete NETS 2022?
You will receive further information via email from HEE and other communications about the survey

Do I have to complete the NETS?
No, it is voluntary. Completing the survey helps HEE argue for the resources to support training. Have your say! Last year nearly 46% of doctors in training made a difference by completing the survey. This year, we want to get at least 65% of you complete the survey.