Advice on Article 14 Application

Advice on Article 14 Application

Please review GMC website for latest advice. 

  • Guidance is available on the http://www.gmc-uk.org/
  • Colleges and Faculties have developed specialty specific guidance which suggests the documentary evidence to submit in support of your application
  • Evidence required will mainly focus on the last FIVE years

Primary evidence. This includes:

  • Application form / CV 
  • Documentary evidence from training, qualifications and experience
  • Primary evidence will be required for the 4 GMC Domains 

Knowledge, skills and performance

Safety & quality

Communication, partnership & teamwork

Maintaining trust

  •  Knowledge, skills and performance accounts for approximately 75% and includes


Assessments and appraisals  (RITAs, appraisals, multisource feedback)

Logbooks / records of daily clinical activity (surgical logbooks, case histories, rotas)

Details of posts and duties (job descriptions / plans, timetables)

Research, publications and presentations

CPD /CME (certificates, credits / points, membership of professional bodies)

Teaching and training (lectures, timetables, feedback or evaluation)

  •  Safety and quality accounts for 20%

        Participation in audit / service development (evidence of audit cycle, reflective diaries)

Safety (health and safety, significant events)

  •  Communication, partnership and teamwork accounts for 5% 
    Communication (colleagues and patients

Partnership and teamwork (leadership, management, chairing meetings)

  •  Maintaining Trust

Acting with honesty and integrity (Equality, GMC registration

Relationships with patients (testimonials, 'thank you' cards, complaints and responses)

Secondary evidence. This includes:

  •  Structured reports from at least five of your six nominated referees one of which must be from your current Medical / Clinical or Divisional Director or equivalent level overseas
  •  GMC requests the names and details of six referees who will be contacted to obtain structured reports 
  •  Your first referee must be your current Medical Director, Divisional Director/Clinical Director, or equivalent level e.g. Superintendent if overseas, or alternatively someone responsible for overseeing the running of all departments within your hospital. 
  •  At least two of the structured reports from your referees must be completed by medical practitioners in the specialty for which you are applying or a closely related specialty. These medical practitioners should be either on the Specialist Register or be of equivalent standing and be able to comment on your current level of expertise. 
  •  Your nominated referees should normally be for the last five years of your practice.

Other information

  • Any other information sought from relevant sources

Presentation of Information

Your documentary evidence must be presented in the order of evidence as follows:

1a. Application form - paper clipped together



1b. Curriculum Vitae - paper clipped together

2. Proof of Identity

3. Registrations

4. Qualifications

5. Training

6. Evidence and details of posts and duties

7. Logbooks and/or records of daily clinical practice

8. Assessments and appraisal

9. Teaching, training, appraising and assessing

10. Relationships with patients

11. Working with Colleagues

Application Process ( please check the GMC website for latest advice)

Application to GMC with supporting evidence


  • GMC sends application and evidence to relevant College
  • College comment in structured report under six headings   stating whether standards have been demonstrated
  • Certification panel review application, supporting evidence and College comment
  • Certification panel determine whether CESR should be issued
  • Review and appeal processes