Dental Specialty Training


Specialist orthodontic training for the East Midlands Dental School is based at The Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Sheffield and the surrounding District General Hospitals of Chesterfield, Lincoln, Kettering, Derby and Nottingham.

The training programme is a three year full time course during which each trainee is based part-time at CCDH and part-time at their chosen peripheral hospital. The current Training Programme Director is Professor Jonathan Sandler.

During the training, each trainee undertakes a Masters in Clinical Dentistry over the first 2 years, for which they register at the University of Sheffield. The Masters gives the trainee an understanding of research and academic life and many result in publications.

In their third year, trainees sit the MOrth Royal College examination. This prestigious examination is the gateway to being a Specialist Orthodontist and, on completion of training; the trainee can register with the GDC as a Specialist.

There are also several post-CCST trainees that are also based part time at CCDH and part time at a peripheral hospital. These trainees are on the Consultant training pathway and they will sit their Fellowship in Orthodontics.

We have an outstanding record of training with 100% of StR trainees passing their MOrth examination. Many of our trainees do very well in exams and have received many awards including the Gold Medal, for the best overall candidate, The Chapman Prize, William Houston Scholarship and Maurice Berman Prize to name a few. 

Full details can be found in the Specialist Orthodontic Training Booklet download at the bottom of this page.

Paediatric ST1 Post

There is currently an ST1 Paediatric Dentistry post available.  Please download the document below for more information.