Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT)

We recognise that this is a very difficult time for all trainees and it can be particularly challenging if you are a trainee returning to training during the current pandemic.  However, it is important to ensure that the SuppoRTT principles are still followed as much as possible during this period.  We strongly recommend that prior to your return you still have a discussion (this does not need to be a face to face discussion) with your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director to plan your return.  If you are unable to access your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director we recommend that you liaise with one of the following: SuppoRTT Trust/School Champion, the Postgraduate Centre Manager at your returning Trust or the Director of Medical Education/Clinical Tutor.



We have 3 online forms you will need to complete before, during and after your time out of programme:

Form 1 - The Pre-Absence Form - Found here

Form 2 - The Pre-Return Form - Found here

Form 3 - The Post-Return Form - Found here

Please note that the forms are intended to be templates to promote discussion between the trainee and the Supervisor as to the support the trainee may need returning to training.  HEE East Midlands does not organise the actual detail of the return to work process - this needs to be organised by the trainee in conjunction with their Educational Supervisor/TPD and Rota Co-ordinator (or Lead Employer for GP trainees) and detailed on the form.  The form should be saved by the Trainee in their e-Portfolio and emailed to the ES, TPD and GP Programme Manager.



A leaflet explaining the Supported Return to Training project and what we offer can be found in the documents section below.

We can offer free coaching or counselling to support you during your absence or on your return; free study skills/exam support; or refer you to occupational health for support.  We work closely with the Professional Support & Wellbeing Service and can access all the support that they can.  Just email us at for further advice.

We also offer the following:

  • Funding for external courses directly related to your return to training (courses should ideally be undertaken immediately prior or post your return date however we can be flexible with this during the Covid-19 period).  We are unable to fund exam revision courses.  Examples of acceptable courses are: ALS, ATLS, APLS, GP Update, GAS Again etc.
  • Funding for childcare/travel expenses incurred during KIT days (nb - we do not fund KIT days themselves)
  • SuppoRTT training courses via webinar for both trainees and trainers (see Accent Course Manager for booking) - details of our next round of webinars for Autumn 2020 are advertised here

Email us at for further advice.



Our Professional Support & Wellbeing Service (PSW) has put together a page of helpful information about Covid-19 wellbeing resources and where to find urgent help here.  This page is continually updated so should be your first port of call for pandemic information.  

Online training resources for trainees returning during a pandemic can be found here

We have SuppoRTT Pandemic webinars and podcasts available to watch/listen to here

Resources for Shielding Trainees can be found here

HEE Supported Return to Training Intelligent Question bank  A question-based resource which reviews key concepts and scenarios a returning practitioner may face when managing patients on the frontline.

Remote Consulting: A Survival Guide  Includes support, guidance and tips on remote consulting: Video vs telephone; Minimising & Managing Risk; Triage; Safety-Netting.

NEW! Interactive e-learning and immersive 360* video resource on remote consulting accessed through The full resource can be found here This programme includes a 360* video resource.  This can be viewed using just a computer, smartphone or just a tablet, or for the most immersive experience, virtual reality headsets can be used.