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Contact a Careers Champion

This page provides a quick overview of how to access the Careers CHampion list to identify Careers Champions to contact. Be sure to also read through the Careers Champion User Guidance document in the downloads section on the right of this page!

To get started login to the VLE and then click here, or search for the VLE course "The Essential Guide to Applications and Interviews"

In the module menu click "Careers Champions":


Then in the Careers Champions section click the link to the "Careers Champions List":


You will then see some introductory information and the list of Careers Champions. There are over 140 Careers Champions so you'll need to narrow it down - use any of the filter or search facilities to reduce the list...

  • The Specialty drop-down list shows all the specialties represented in the list.
  • You can search for hospital names, specialties or any other relevant words.
  • Use the in-built filter buttons to show Champions who have had Out Of Programme experience, had a Career Break, Worked Abroad or train (or previously trained) on a Less Than Full-Time basis.

Once you've narrowed your list down use the email link to send an initial introductory email. Once you've established contact some people meet in person, some continue via email, telephone or IM. Whatever works for you both! 

Remember! Careers Champions want to be contacted - they volunteered to be added to the list because they want to help you! To help you with your career, to share information about their specialty and to answer any questions you may have! 

Quick Animated User Guide

Here's a quick video user guide showing how easy it is to use the Careers Champions list and find the right Careers Champion for you!