SuppoRTT for Trainees: what we offer

whatweoffer.jpgWe can offer the following which can be undertaken during your absence or on your return to training:

  • Free coaching or counselling - see documents below for the coaching referral form 
  • Free study skills/exam support
  • Referral to Occupational health
  • Funding for external courses directly related to your return to training (courses should ideally be undertaken immediately prior or post your return date however we can be flexible with this).  Examples of acceptable courses are: ALS, ATLS, APLS, GP Update, GAS Again etc. We are unable to fund exam revision courses - see documents below for the funding request approval form and claims guidance
  • Funding for childcare/travel expenses incurred during KIT days (NB - we do not fund KIT days themselves) 
  • SuppoRTT online training courses for both trainees and trainers (see Accent Course Manager for booking) - details of our next round of courses can be found here
  • Digital resources – including SuppoRTT Webinars, Podcasts and VR scenarios, which can be found here 

Click below or email for further information.  We also have a SuppoRTT Leaflet which is regularly updated 

We are part of the Professional Support & Wellbeing (PSW) Service and trainees returning to training after a period of sustained absence may also benefit from the wider support offered to all trainees for example, exam and study support, coaching, counselling and more. Click here for details or email the PSW team: