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Support Planning


When should I begin planning time away from training?

As soon as you know you want to take time out, make an appointment with your Educational Supervisor (or TPD or GP Programme Manager for GP Trainees) to discuss your circumstances with them.  This discussion should take place ASAP and ideally no less than three months in advance of your out of programme date (where appropriate). 

At this stage, PGDiTs (in conjunction with their Educational Supervisor or TPD) should start to complete the Pre-Absence Form 1 to aid your discussions. 


Who needs to be involved in my return to training discussions?

PGDiTs returning to training should think about whether it would be beneficial to plan in SuppoRTT in readiness for their return to training and we encourage discussions to be held with the Educational Supervisor (or in some cases the Training Programme Director) at three transition points:

  1. Prior to taking time out (if planned leave)

  2. Prior to returning to training 

  3. Two weeks following the return to training after accessing SuppoRTT

This ensures you get timely access to the SuppoRTT as well as ensures any further learning needs are captured as part of your integration back into work and into training.

Discussions do not need to be face-to-face. If you are unable to access your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director we recommend that you liaise with one of the following: SuppoRTT School/Trust Champion, the Postgraduate Centre Manager at your returning Trust or the Director of Medical Education/Clinical Tutor. GP DiT should also contact their GP Programme Manager in addition to their ES/TPD. In complex cases, such as ill-health or other issues impacting on the trainee's ability to complete the training programme it may require the involvement of the TPD, Head of School, APD and HR of the employing Trust if necessary. 

Please note NHSE WT&E East Midlands does not organise the detail of the return to training process.


What is the SuppoRTT plan?

Supervisors will work with PGDiTs to create an individual SuppoRTT Plan. In doing so doctors should participate in structured planning and review meetings before leaving and on returning to training with their TPD/Educational Supervisor (this should also include the Practice Manager and Programme Manager for GP trainees).  This will enable doctors to consider when they should stay in touch with their training programme whilst out of programme and also facilitates the timely identification of any support required upon returning to training.

There are three key components to creating an individual SuppoRTT Plan:

  1. Planning Your Time Away from Training (see the Pre-Absence Form 1)
  2. Planning Your Return to Training (see the Pre-Return To Training Form 2)
  3. Reviewing your Return to Training (see the Post-SuppoRTT Form 3)

The forms are designed to lead you through the return to training process and act as a prompt regarding potential issues you may need to consider with your Supervisor. 

Also see the Trainee FAQs section which may help with any queries.