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New Starters

Welcome to specialty training in the East Midlands, our full welcome pack can be found below.

Please see below for our main contact details for each team:

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Placements, Less Than Full  Time and Out of Programme

Programmes - Foundation and Secondary Care

0116 312 0670 

Programmes - GP and Public Health

0116 312 0619
Programmes - Academic  

Inter-Deanery Transfer


0116 312 0670

ARCPs and ePortfolio/Horus

Assessments and Revalidation

0116 312 0690


Assessments and Revalidation

0116 312 0690

Curriculum Study Leave

Faculty Support

0116 312 0671

Course Manager

Faculty Support

0116 312 0671

TIS Self Service Assessments/Programmes  



If you need to defer your start date, please submit a Deferral Request form (found below) to the appropriate programmes email listed above.


GMC Eligibility

For those new starters joining a medical training programme you are reminded that you require GMC registration before you can start clinical duties on that programme. This is a non-negotiable legal requirement and will be strictly enforced. GMC guidance on how to obtain registration can be found here:


Less than full-time training

If you wish to apply for less than full-time training (LTFT) please visit our dedicated page for our full policy details and application form:


Relocation and Excess Travel

Our policy on relocation and excess travel expenses can be found here:


Royal Colleges and Faculties

Each Royal College and Faculty have their own requirements for registration and use of online portfolios. Please use this list to find your College or Faculty website and their contact details:


Indemnity Insurance

Your ACTION is required for INDEMNITY cover


NHS England has procured a block indemnity contract for the programmes listed below with Medical Protection Society. This block cover is different to personal cover – you are advised to check that you have personal cover for yourself.


We hope you will take up this opportunity; however, if you DO NOT wish to take up the offer of being a part of the block indemnity cover, please inform us by emailing by the 1st December 2023. You would then need to make sure you have your own cover in place. This is your responsibility to arrange.


Please note that if you have what is called ‘Affiliate Membership’ with another provider, we would like to advise you that this is not full membership, and you would need to consider taking out full membership with that provider or join NHS England’s block cover through MPS.


If we do not hear from you by the 1st December 2023, we will assume you are consenting to us sharing your details with MPS and that you do wish to be a part of the block indemnity opportunity.  We will then send your details to MPS so that they can contact you about registration.  The protection of your personal details is extremely important to us, so we only transfer the relevant information to them. 


Once MPS have received the information from us, they will begin their process which will include contacting you by email and by post to start your application.  Please look out for correspondence from them, you should regularly check your junk folder, so you don’t miss their email.  You will not be registered automatically, so please do read their information carefully as there will be action needed. NHS England – Midlands do not automatically register you for this cover.


Programmes applicable for block indemnity:

Aviation and Space Medicine

Community Sexual and Reproductive Health

General Practice

Genito-Urinary Medicine

Occupational Medicine

Palliative Medicine

Public Health Medicine

Sport and Exercise Medicine