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Responsible Officer’s Advisory Group (ROAG)

Supporting Postgraduate Trainees in Difficulties

The NHS England Education East Midlands local team recognises that a variety of factors can have an impact on a doctor while they are in a training programme which can affect their progression through training. Systems are in place to provide support to trainees either directly within training programmes or with the additional resources of the Professional Support and Wellbeing Unit. These arrangements are described more fully in their own sections of the website. This support is usually sufficient to enable progress in training to be resumed.

Occasionally the difficulties being experienced are of a more fundamental nature and raise questions concerning compliance with Good Medical Practice. This may be for a variety of reasons including ill-health impairing the doctor's capabilities. In these circumstances NHSE Education East Midlands has mechanisms to provide support to the doctor, their employer and their trainers. This can include consideration of a referral to the GMC. 

Certain issues are always referred to the GMC. These include:

  • A criminal conviction or police caution or charge
  • A determination by the Counter Fraud Team
  • A NHSE Education East Midlands decision not to issue a Foundation Certificate at the end of two years in Foundation year 1
  • A NHSE Education East Midlands decision not to issue a Foundation Certificate at the end of Foundation year 2
  • Reports of intimate relationships with patients

NHSE Education East Midlands is in a position to directly consider aspects of performance and behaviour related to medical education. However we will also support employers in their consideration of other aspects of behaviours as they relate to delivering clinical care and patient safety. 

NHSE Education East Midlands has set up a standing group to review circumstances around the infrequent occasions of significant under performance which may have implications for licensing. This body is available to offer advice and guidance to educators within NHSE Education East Midlands, and to act as a resource to our partner organisations across the East Midlands. The group receive referrals of doctors for further consideration. Where necessary the group will liaise with the GMC, and will advise the Postgraduate Dean if referral to the regulator is required.

The Responsible Officer's Advisory Group (ROAG) is chaired by a Senior Educator Team member, and its membership includes representatives such as: Deputy Post Graduate Dean, Primary Care Dean, Associate Postgraduate Dean, Heads of School (when/if required), and Professional Regulation and Progression administrative staff.