College Tutors

College Tutors

The College/Specialty Tutor is responsible, within their defined area, or department, for overseeing the delivery of the training programmes to all postgraduate medical trainees. They should ensure a learning environment at departmental level which is challenging, supportive and, where appropriate, multi-professional. They should be appointed jointly by the Local Education Provider (Medical Director or DME) and appropriate Specialty/School representative. They are managerially accountable to the Clinical Director/Lead of the department with professional responsibility to the DME and Training Programme Directors. (Taken Directly from the NACT job description of college tutors).

College tutors will work closely with educational supervisors and TPDs to ensure high quality training in line with college curriculum requirements. They should support trainees and trainers within their organisations, and work closely with the Royal College, Health Education England - East Midlands (HEE EM) and other relevant stakeholders.

We would recommend college tutors and Local Education Providers use the job description template provided by NACT and amend this for your own organisation. HEE EM would encourage college tutors to remain up to date with the training requirements for educational supervisors.

We have also attached the NACT, Faculty Guide from 2013 that sets out the roles and responsibilities for all involved in postgraduate education within a trust.

Associate College Tutors / Trainee Tutors

It is important to involve trainees as early as possible in education. Within each hospital there should be a thriving junior doctor forum, which might have several specialty specific groups/meetings. The Royal College of Physicians and Ophthalmologists have clear job descriptions for Associate College Tutor roles. Whilst it is not an essential requirement for these roles to be present within trusts HEE EM would strongly recommend that trainees have formal opportunities to undertake this work.

HEE EM has developed a generic trainee tutor role that sets out the roles, responsibilities and expectations of this exciting role for trainees. We have also uploaded the Royal college of Physicians and Ophthalmologists job descriptions which are available in the downloads section.