Period of Grace

The below policy goes into effect for trainees with a completion of training date of 1st August 2020 or later

HEE offers their doctors in training a six month Period of Grace following their completion of training date (also known as the CCT date), subject to availabillity of posts. This is to enable doctors who have completed training and not yet obtained a consultant post to continue in the Specialty Registrar grade contract for a time limited period whilst they find employment, usually in a consultant level post.

The Period of Grace is not availble for Core or GP trainees, and there is no pro-rata modification for Less Than Full Time (LTFT) trainees.

A Period of Grace placement will only be arranged if you complete an Intent Form and return it to 6 months before your CCT date.

Please be aware that HEE will not offer you a Period of Grace placement without a completed intent form less than 6 months from your CCT date.

Your Programme Director will prioritise pre-CCT trainees when arranging your Period of Grace placement. They will also consider trainee distribution and service needs.

You will receive an offer of your placement 14 weeks before your CCT date. You then have 2 weeks to accept the offer. Any offer that is not accepted within 2 weeks will be withdrawn. Please ensure you keep your Programme Director informed if you plan to take leave during this process so they can take it into account.

Full details of the process can be found below.