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Welcome to the School of Public Health

We are a friendly, supportive, and innovative specialty school delivering excellent quality training for registrars wishing to become consultants in Public Health. We provide training opportunities across the six counties that make up our region in a range of settings including, local authorities, NHS Trusts, Universities, UK Health security agency (UKHSA), office for health disparities (OHID) and NHS England. We also support our registrars wishing to undertake placements with national and international bodies.

The training programme is a 5 year programme at the end of which, successful graduates are eligible to join the Public Health Specialist Register with either the GMC or the UKPHR and apply for public health consultant appointments.

Our programme provides the knowledge, skills, and experience to be an effective public health specialist. The programme covers the academic, health protection and service components of public health practice. Training follows the Faculty of Public Health curriculum Training is divided into 2 phases.

Phase 1

This phase lasts 2-3 years. During the first year registrars undertake a master's degree in public health at the University of Nottingham or the University of Sheffield. The master's degree together with work experience in a public health department, provides the underpinning knowledge base required for the Faculty of Public Health Diplomate examination. For individuals joining the training scheme with a relevant masters degree entry at ST2 level is available. During their second year registrars gain more extensive experieince in a public health department. Registrars are expected to achieve the diplomate examination of the Faculty of Public Health in their second year of training. At the end of their second year in training registrars rotate to a different public health team within the region. Having achieved the diplomate examination registrars prepare for the final membership examination of the Faculty of Public Health. Success in the final membership examination allows registrars to move into phase 2 of training.

Phase 2

This phase of training lasts 2 years and focuses on applying knowledge to public health practice. Registrars take on projects of increasing complexity and with increasing degreees of responsibility. Training may be undertaken on a full or part time basis.


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