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Accent Course Manager

The majority of courses run by Postgraduate Medical and Dental teams, and particularly those run by Schools, are managed through an online course booking management system – Course Manager.

Click here to access Course Manager 

Please always use this link rather than searching for it using a search engine.  It is possible that your search results might provide a link to a different version of Course Manager (in a different region).

The system provides an online portal for delegates to book a place on a course, provide evaluation after attendance, and then download an electronic certificate (as many times as you need to).  Where a fee is applicable, online payment is possible using a Debit or Credit Card.  It reduces the administrative time required to manage bookings, enabling us to provide you with a better service. 

Users may self-register by clicking ‘Register’ and then following the simple instructions.  This should take just two or three minutes.

You may browse all the courses or events on offer without registering or logging in (use the search windows provided).  Alternatively, when you log in, you will see all courses that are applicable to you (this is a filtered/reduced list based on your ‘delegate type’).

We welcome your feedback and use this to help make improvements to the system.  We do this through a national Steering Group who meet regularly to promote good practice and joined up working.  All feedback should be provided by email to

East Midlands Trainees Please Note:

This system is separate to Leave Manager – which is used by trainees in our region to apply for Study Leave.  It is important to remember that applying for leave, and booking onto a course, are two separate actions.

If you need more information on Leave Manager, please visit our dedicated Study Leave pages.