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What is Occupational Health?

If as a trainee you are suffering from a disability, physical health condition or mental health condition; you may benefit from an Occupational Health assessment. The aim of an occupational health assessment is to ensure that you are supported at work and through your training in the best way possible. The PSW can offer occupational health assessments to those trainees in need of recommendations relating to adjustments their training programme. The aim is to mitigate any potential risks in your training that are likely to give rise to or exacerbate any health issues.

Who delivers Occupational Health Assessments?

Your employer may already offer occupational health assessments. If not, the PSW work with consultants in occupational medicine to complete assessments for trainees. These consultants also have a vast experience of post graduate medical training.

If you have any further queries about occupational health assessments, please email our shared


Please note that all GP trainees should be referred to the lead employer to access occupational health assessments. For more information please see a link to their website below.

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