Training Requirements for Named Educational Supervisors

For any new educational supervisors you will need to complete the training requirements below. Educational supervisors are appointed and appraised by trusts, and there should be a process within trusts, approved by the Directors of Medical Education, (DME), for this. Educational supervisors are not appointed by Health Education England, working across the East Midlands (HEE EM) or by staff operating in HEE EM roles within the speciality schools e.g. TPDs, HoS. However there is an expectation that appropriate staff from specialty schools, (usually the TPD) may support trusts in the appointment and ongoing support and development of educational supervisors.

The minimum standards to be accredited as an educational supervisor are:

1a. Complete all of the interactive online MEDWISE modules. These are on the Royal College of General Practice webpages and have been developed by the University of Nottingham in collaboration with Health Education England. These modules are free to educators working in the East Midlands region. The modules can be accessed here.

These modules cover a variety of topics including  
1.    Clinical teaching, supervision and feedback skills
2.    Teaching Practical skills
3.    Lecturing & Presentation skills
4.    Small Group Teaching Skills
5.    Questioning Techniques
6.    Curriculum concepts and learning outcomes
7.    Assessment principles and methods
8.    Evaluating teaching
9.    Educational Theory

Each module has a certificate upon completion.

We have agreed that each of the 9 MEDWISE modules would take 1 hour to complete, and has 1 hour of CPD attached to it. Completing the whole of MEDWISE would give you 9 hours of CPD.

We also advise you to read the documents The structure of Postgraduate Medical Education andThe ARCP process in the MEDWISE online programme.

If you have already registered and started MEDWISE you can log back into MEDWISE through the Royal college of GP website, which you will have already created using the link here.  

1b. Attend a minimum of a 2 day approved ‘generic’ educational supervisor course.


Attend a 1 day approved ‘Specialty’ e.g. Royal College of Paediatrics, educational supervisor course


Complete a blend of face to face and on-line training in educational supervision,


1c. You may also have completed modules in supervision and educational supervision as part of a formal qualification in medical education which could be appropriate for your role as an educational supervisor.

For 1b all educational supervisor courses,(not provided by HEE EM), and 1c aspects of a formal qualification need to be approved by HEE EM. If you are considering attending one of these courses, please forward the details to the GMC Recognition of Trainers Board who will decide if it covers all of the GMC  framework 7 competency domains.

2. Have your role as educational supervisor approved by the Director of Medical Education within your trust. Your role needs to be formally recognised by your Service Lead and will need to be considered in your Job Plan, PDP and annual appraisal. You will need to demonstrate your competency, and demonstrate how you will remain up to date. You will need to use all of the GMC domains in your appraisal to demonstrate high quality effective supervision. HEE EM has recommended that 0.25PAs of time are needed per trainee you are named educational supervisor for.

You must also remain up to date with Equality and Diversity training and according to the Gold Guide this needs to be repeated every 3 years.

Remaining up to date, the CPD Requirements for Named Educational Supervisors

Whilst the requirements above are important for individuals starting as educational supervisors, it is important that existing educational supervisors remain up to date with new developments in individual curriculum, training programmes, national developments, and new educational theory and methods.

We have agreed the following minimum standards for remaining up to date. These minimum standards need to be repeated every 5 year Revalidation cycle.

  1. Your annual appraisal and PDP must reflect your role as an educational supervisor, and you must demonstrate how you are continuing to develop and remain up to date as an educational supervisor. Your PDP should consider evidence of GMC domains 1-7.
  2. Every 5 year Revalidation cycle you must attend relevant training courses, master-classes or education conferences and reflect on this within your appraisal. This should be a minimum of 15 hours of CPD of high quality every 5 years. This might include further e-learning rather than face to face learning. For this training to be approved please email details of the training to the GMC Recognition of Trainers Board, so that the training can be approved and you can be accredited as an Educational supervisor within HEE EM. Over time HEE EM will develop a list of formally approved courses, and publish this list online.
  3. You do not have to do an accrediting course every 5 years. However as an named Educational Supervisor you will need to provide evidence of how you are staying up to date. 

Examples of appropriate courses/CPD activities could include

  • Trainers Days / Masterclasses for trainers developed by Specialty Schools within HEE EM.
  • Specific courses run by HEE EM, such as ARCP chair training etc
  • A training event for supervisors delivered by your own Royal College
  • Training events delivered by Local Education Providers (trusts)
  • Formal Teaching the Teachers courses or modules as part of formal qualifications, (Postgraduate certificate, diploma, Masters, in medical education)
  • Attendance at specific sessions at education conferences, ASME , NACT UK, etc
  • Attendance at National or local trainees recruitment training events
  • Subject to approval by your PDP group, and subject to attendance, participation and reflection on ARCP panels, named educational supervisors may include this as a CPD activity.
  • Applications and membership of accrediting bodies, Academy of Medical Educators, Faculty of Surgical Trainers etc.

If individual supervisors do not keep up to date, and do not attend relevant updates within the 5 year revalidation cycle, they should no longer be able to act as named educational supervisors, and will need to complete the training required to start as an educational supervisor again.

Equality and Diversity Training

All named clinical and educational supervisors should also remain up to date with equality and diversity training. Various options exist for this including an online course on or through HEE EM (/page.php?id=661).

This needs to be completed every 3 years.

External Resources for Educational Supervisors

London Deanery e-Learning for Educators

In addition, London Deanery has produced a series of e-Learning modules to inform and support the professional development of Educational Supervisors. Click here to access it.

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