Training Resources for Trainers

The East Midlands office of Health Education England (HEE EM), will keep an up to date list of all courses approved for trainers. These courses may be local or national. If any trainers wish to attend other courses please let HEE EM know about this course, so we can examine the content of this course, and approve. 

HEE EM has a GMC Recognition of trainers Board that can be contacted by email on

If you are local education provider and are considering developing a course locally please complete the HEE EM Quality Assurance of Trainer - Proposal Form and send to the email address above.

Trainers may also seek recognition of their status through external bodies. HEE EM is currently aware of 2 separate organisations.

1. Academy of Medical Educators
2. Faculty of Surgical Trainers 

We are aware that the lists below are not exhaustive. If trainers find examples of good other quality courses locally or nationally please email us on and we will ensure that these are added to this resource.

Accrediting Course  Provider  Description Contact
MEDWISE modules RCGP/University of Nottingham/HEEM There are 9 modules to complete on a variety of topics, with a Certificate of completion for each one. Each module carries one hour of CPD.

HEE Trainers Day HEE working across the East Midlands A one day course delivered by Health Education England working across the East Midlands. This covers the role of the Educational Supervisor in the ARCP process, Revalidation of trainees, Careers discussion, and Supporting Trainees in Difficulty. This covers all 7 GMC Domains for Educational Supervisors  - This course can be delivered in Trusts across the East Midlands
Training Orthopaedic Clinical & Educational Supervisors British Orthopaedic Association

A one day course for educational supervisors in Trauma and Orthopaedics
Train the Trainer for New Clinical Supervisors


Train the Trainer for new educational Supervisors

Dedici Ltd
2 separate courses delivered by Dedici Ltd, which meet the GMC recognition project for clinical and educational supervisors Laurence S. Wilson, Chartered MCIPD
Director of Business Development
Ophthalmology Educational and Clinical Supervisors Course School of Ophthalmology One day course or two half days which aim to provide educational and clinical supervisors with the knowledge and training set out in the 7 areas of the professional leadership framework proposed by the GMC. The day will cover the curriculum requirements of the 7-year run through Ophthalmology programme, work place assessments, competencies and the ARCP process.

Trainers will also cover their roles and responsibilities as trainers and how they can facilitate learning and education in the normal working environment of clinics and theatre sessions. The course will also explore in detail the relevance of maintaining CPD as an educator as a requirement for GMC recognition of the educator role and ultimately in revalidation.

The objectives will be met using a variety of presentation methods to include didactic teaching, group discussion, role play of various scenarios and the importance of effective appraisal discussions and SMART-based action plans with careful documentation as tools in trainer’s armamentarium.

Miss Andrea Kerr, TPD Ophthalmology, HEE EM
HEE EM Clinical Supervision Course HEE EM An online learning course which examines all of the key aspects required to undertake the role of clinical supervisor Link 
E-Learning Modules Health Education South London, Health Education North West London and Health Education North Central & East London  An online learning course which examines all of the key aspects required to undertake the role of educational supervisor  Link
Training and Assessment in the Clinical Environment (TrACE)  Royal College of Surgeons of England  Through a number of interactive sessions and practical activities, this one day course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed for the roles and responsibilities of ES and CS. Mapped against the seven areas of competency as outlined in the GMC Standards for the Recognition and Approval of Trainers, TrACE is a route to the required formal recognition as a CS or ES.

Suitable for the formal recognition of named clinical and named educational supervisors in surgery 

Clinical or Educational Supervisor Course 

Royal College of Physicians of London

Clearly sets out the training offered to named CS or named ES. 

Anaesthetists as Educators (AaE) Programme Royal College of Anaesthetists Series of training days available. Including specific course on educational supervision that can be used as accreditation. Other courses may be appropriate for ongoing CPD. 

Supervisor Skills workshops Royal College of Radiologists


The days will cover:

  • Supervisor roles and skills
  • Appraisals and Personal Development Plans
  • Effective feedback
  • Multisource Feedback
  • The Clinical Radiology Curriculum and Assessment system

Effective Educational Supervision Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

In June 2013 the RCPCH launched this training programme, Effective Educational Supervision, specifically targeting paediatric trainees, SAS and consultants. It has been devised to fulfil the GMC’s requirements that all educational supervisors who work with junior doctors and medical students must have received training in educational supervision by July 2016.

Courses for Ongoing CPD   Provider  Description Contact
Various Educational Events / Conferences AMEE Attendance at any of these events or conference could be used as ongoing CPD for educators

Various Educational Events / Conferences ASME Attendance at any of these events or conference could be used as ongoing CPD for educators

Various Educational Events / Conferences Academy of Medical Educators Attendance at any of these events or conference could be used as ongoing CPD for educators 

Annual Meeting of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Attendance at this conference could be used as ongoing CPD for educators in surgery

Training the Trainers: Developing Teaching Skills Royal College of Surgeons of England This course aims to meet the changing needs of surgical educators and to incorporate the latest developments in education. It comprises of three components; two of which are delivered via e-learning approximately one month either side of the two face-to-face days. These additional components will help you gain the maximum benefit from the contact days, deepening your understanding of how adults learn and enabling you to plan, develop, deliver and evaluate training more effectively. Full details of the relevant dates will form part of the formal joining instructions which will be sent closer to the start date.

Suitable for the ongoing training needs of named clinical and named educational supervisors in surgery

Supporting the Underperforming Trainee Royal College of Physicians of London

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

•  recognise the early warning signs of a trainee getting into difficulty

•  identify what early steps to take

•  identify who to contact about concerns

•  describe the legal and employment framework within which they will be operating

•  recognise the roles and responsibilities of relevant supporting bodies

•  identify what help is available to support underperforming trainees

•  describe the factors that help to prevent disputes and misunderstandings.

Training Courses on Coaching skills, WPBAs, Revalidation Royal College of Psychiatrists Series of courses for Psychiatrists on Personal development

Education Conferences Various Royal Colleges   Various Royal colleges do run education conferences that may be appropriate for ongoing CPD for clinical and educational supervisors.
Postgraduate Qualifications in Medical Education Various Universities   Various options exist across the country for face to face, elearning, or blended learning approaches.
Online Interactive modules for postgraduate education   Education and Training For Tomorrow: Free online courses to support the professional development of trainers  A series of interactive modules covering hospital, GP and Foundation training, including WBPAs, ARCPs and Trainees needing support