Trainee Bursary Scheme 2017

Trainee Bursary Scheme 2017

Please ensure you read the guidance below and on the form; improperly completed applications may not be considered.

Health Education England in the East Midlands is delighted to announce that it will be awarding bursaries to support the development of excellence for our trainees. The bursary can be used to support individual development in a number of ways:

  • Attendance for applicants who have had presentations accepted at national or international conferences, and have no other sources of funding, are welcome and will be regarded as a priority for funding*.
  • Applications can also be for attendance of courses, and other developmental meetings, or to facilitate visits to other healthcare facilities or organisations, if the applicant can demonstrate that these will allow them to further develop in an area in which they have already demonstrated some expertise.

*All East Midlands trainees may apply. Applications from NIHR trainees would rank lower than clinical colleagues who do not have access to an NIHR bursary and are far less likely to be approved.

The total available budget is £60,000 with a maximum individual bursary is £5,000.

Submissions must be sent using the application form (see Documents to the right of this page) as a typed Word document with your name in the file name (e.g. "Bursary Application - O'Reilly, Gerard" by midnight on Sunday 3 December 2017.

If successful, this amount would be added to the trainee’s study leave budget, and reimbursement will be made through their Trust in the usual way. Expense claims would need to be submitted by 16 March 2018 in advance of the end of this financial year.

  • If you have had an abstract accepted by a meeting, please send a copy of the abstract with your application. Please state your contribution to the work being presented and, if appropriate, any plans you have for continuing the work.
  • If you wish to spend time observing an outside organisation or attend a meeting/course that is not covered by CSL please describe the work already done in this area and how attendance will help you develop this work. For example, if you wish to spend time looking at safety within a safety critical industry you would need to demonstrate that you have an interest in patient safety and have undertaken work, over and above the curriculum requirements, in this area.
  • You will need to confirm that you have the necessary leave arrangements in place to cover the proposed activity.

Successful applicants will be expected to provide a brief report to HEE after completion of the bursary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many applications can I submit?
    Only one form per applicant will be accepted.
  2. Can I submit multiple activities on the same form, as long as it is less than £5000?
    The scheme is intended to support a single activity; you can claim for different aspects of the activity (e.g. travel, accommodation, course fees), but your application can only be for a single activity.
  3. I've already attended the course; can I still apply?
    Applications will be accepted for activities that have taken/will take place between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018. Receipts will be required for activities that have already taken place.
  4. I'm Out of Programme/on parental leave; can I still apply?
    Everyone on an East Midlands training programme may apply.
  5. Can I apply for funding for a Masters?
    Only if it covers less than 1 financial year; all activities must be for the current (2017-18) financial year, with the activity paid for and used in that time.
  6. If I'm successful, how do I claim the money?
    You will need to pay for and attend the activity first, then claim the money back through your employer's expenses process (as with other expenses applications in CSL).
  7. What costs can be claimed?
    The same costs can be claimed as for other CSL applications; course fees, travel, accommodation, subsistence etc. Other costs may be considered, if included in your initial application.
  8. I want to apply the bursary but my abstract hasn't been accepted yet; can I still apply?
    Yes; just be clear in your application that your abstract hasn't been accepted yet. Please note that we will only grant reimbursement of funds subject to your abstract being accepted.