European Working Time Directive

European Working Time Directive

Working Time Directive: Doctors in training Introduction

The European Working Time Directive (EWTD) is health and safety legislation and comes into effect for doctors in training in August 2004 in a staged implementation.

This deadline is not negotiable. It is fixed in law. There will be no provision to opt-out of any part of the requirements. 
Timetable of Implementation

The key aspects of the EWTD, as it will apply to doctors in training are:

Working hours per week

  • By August 2004, a reduction to overall average weekly working hours of 58 hours
  • An interim 56-hour week by August 2007
  • A further reduction to 48 hours August 2009 (this could be extended to 2012) 

Rest provisions from August 2004

  • 11 hours' continuous rest in every 24 hour period
  • Minimum 20 minute break when shift exceeds 6 hours
  • Minimum 24 hour rest in every 7 days or Minimum 48 hour rest in every 14 days
  • Minimum 4 weeks' annual leave
  • Maximum 8 hours work in 24 for night workers (if applicable)

Where New Deal maximum limits are more favourable then these criteria will still apply.

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