Patient Safety Concerns

Patient Safety Concerns

East Midlands Framework for Postgraduate Medical Education and Training and Education

  • All healthcare organisations in the East Midlands have an ethical obligation to raise concerns to protect patient safety
  • Within East Midlands Local Education and Training Board we encourage all educational providers to consider patient safety in all clinical settings and to enable a culture of openness about discussing such issues
  • We encourage trainers to consider patient safety in all clinical settings and around all educational events
  • We encourage discussion about patient safety issues to be undertaken in educational reviews where appropriate
  • If you have a concern about patient safety then please raise this as soon as possible within the clinical environment such as with ward staff, the theatre team or your clinical supervisor, whichever is most appropriate at that moment
  • If you remain concerned please raise the issue with the clinical director and your educational supervisor
  • If you still remain concerned then other people within the trust that you may wish to talk to include the trust lead for patient safety, your college tutor, the director of medical education for your trust or the medical director
  • If you feel uncomfortable discussing this within the clinical environment you could also consider discussing the issues with your programme director but be aware that they are likely to need to make contacts with your trust in order to ensure that things are followed up
  • You can also mention these issues within the GMC national survey but this should be done in conjunction with one of the steps identified above not instead of any of them, except for events that have happened immediately before the training survey.  There will be an expectation that you have taken appropriate steps about any item you mentioned in the GMC survey
  • Finally, if you still do not feel that your concerns have been addressed adequately then there are options under NHS whistle blowing policies that can be considered.  However, you should check that you have taken all other appropriate steps first and possibly take advice from someone that you trust

GMC - Raising and acting on concerns about patient safety (2012)