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Not applicable for 2024 Recruitment 

Psychiatry Foundation Fellowships

For 2023 recruitment East Midlands are offering Psychiatry Foundation Fellowships within both Foundation Schools LNR and Trent. 

The Psychiatry Foundation Fellowship (PFF) Programme aims to improve exposure to the specialty for foundation trainees. The scheme will ensure that a greater number of foundation doctors are supported in their interest in Psychiatry throughout the Foundation programme, maintaining and enhancing their enthusiasm for the specialty. This is especially important for those who may have limited opportunity to explore their interest via a clinical placement. Psychiatry has faced challenge historically in recruiting to Core Training posts. The aim of the scheme is to identify medical students with above average academic ability who have expressed an interest in psychiatry as a potential career choice and to support them through to application for specialty training. 

As well as having access to educational opportunities relevant to psychiatry, e.g. funded attendance at relevant conferences, on-line learning and psychiatry journals, trainees will also access funded weekly psychiatric supervision and be able to attend reflective Balint groups. The aim of these opportunities is to introduce a strong emphasis on the psychological aspects of medicine throughout the foundation programme to enhance the educational opportunities afforded in non-psychiatric rotations for those keen to develop expertise in this area. Fellows may also choose to be linked to College faculties to provide additional mentoring in a potential subspecialty of psychiatry of interest (e.g. child and adolescent, perinatal etc). Psychiatry supervisors who are jointly appointed by the appropriate foundation school in collaboration with the Royal College of Psychiatrists will deliver weekly psychiatric supervision which will run on a longitudinal basis throughout the two-year foundation programme. 


The Applicant Guidance for Psychiatry Foundation Fellowship can be found in the UKFPO website.  


LNR Psychiatry Foundation Fellowship Job Descriptions

Trent Psychiatry Foundation Fellowship Job Descriptions.  

Job Descriptions are provided by the Local Education Providers.  For any Job Descriptions that are not available, please contact the relevant Trust to obtain further information regarding the post(s). 

Below are the programme information for the posts.