Fellowships and Bursaries:

These may be available through your Trust or through HEE in East Midlands. Ask your SAS or LED Tutor and check the HEEM website.

Some will be specifically for SAS or specifically for LED.


Here Dr Qurrat-ul-ain Tahir talks about her experience of a Fellowship:

Locally Employed Doctors or Trust grade doctors form a major contributory force in the NHS. HEEM has indeed moved a step forward by initiating various Fellowships for LED / SAS doctors. My experience of working as the HEEM Quality Improvement Fellow proved to be a major way forward in my career.

 It taught me a great deal about Quality Improvement, how to initiate a QI Project, setting up S.M.A.R.T goals, employing repeated PDSA cycles and then to see the trend on run charts.

  It also enabled me to  work under the Best Supervisors to execute my QI Project. This fellowship provided me with the chance to present my work on various regional and national forums. I managed to secure extra points while applying for Internal Medicine Training and the “HEEM Quality Improvement Fellow” was able to impress the interview panel mightil

Project TITLE: Clinical Frailty Score (CFS) as a Decision making Tool in the older patients’ population – A step towards better patients’ outcome!