Dear Trainees

As you may be aware, we have been thinking how we might improve your leadership training which is now an integral part of all training schemes. In the past it felt as this was a bolted on extra which trainees felt was there to equip them with skills and knowledge that would be deployed at some undefined point in the future.

We are keen to change the emphasis. In the eyes of others, you become a leader when you become a doctor even if it doesn’t feel like that. Your practical experiences of leadership will start almost straightway with your interactions with colleagues in your teams. We want to encourage you to look critically at what you do day-to-day in your job, and think could this be done differently to enhance the experience of your patients. We need to instil in you, the confidence to then act on these thoughts and challenge the status quo. This requires you have a belief and a stake in the departments and organisations that you work in. As you often move between organisations, you will have acquired priceless experience of how the same thing is being done differently in each place.

We understand that within these organisations there are hierarchies that appear daunting and maybe stifling of innovation. However, the NHS needs to utilise the energy and talents of junior doctors who are going to be some of the most intelligent and skilled people in your age group in our country. Successful and dynamic companies outside medicine are much better at harnessing this young talent to drive change in their organisations to help them adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Therefore, there needs to a change in you and the organisations that you work in. We hope the changes we have made to the programme will help this to occur.

I’ve attached a brochure of the new programme which further explains what we are planning and  I hope once you have read this letter and the brochure, you will see what we are trying to achieve and engage with us to try and make this really make a difference to you and the NHS in the future.

Trainees that have started the existing course (Old EM LMP brochure)

It would not make any sense to start at the beginning again with this new course and duplicate content that you have already covered. Therefore, we are going to continue to provide the existing course, with sessions 3 to 10 available now to book onto.  

It has been agreed to provide one further Day 6 (Sessions 11 and 12) in March 2019 (to provide you time to give the necessary notice). This will only be available to those that have completed all the other days (Day 1 to 5) and on a first come first served basis (Maximum of 30 places). Thereafter it will no longer be provided, as this day was externally provided and seen as poor value for money. Please note that there is no requirement to do this day for completion of CCT.

Those trainees that have completed all 5 days can contact us to be issued with a certificate that states that you have completed the course.

Trainees that have not started the existing course (New EM LMP brochure)

For GP trainees (who have a 3 year training course) we will have the year 1, day 1 sessions available to book from April onwards. We are working hard to rewrite the content of this part of the course in time and train the faculty to deliver it. In this first year we will allow year 1 day 2 sessions to be taken in the 2nd year to allow some flexibility. We will be in touch in the new year once we have the sessions ready to book.

For all other trainees new to leadership and management training, we will start the new course from September 2019 with the year 1, day 1 sessions being available to book from then on. Please do not book onto the earlier sessions as we have to prioritise the trainees that only have 3 years to do the course.

You must also remember that this is only the start of your leadership training in your careers and there will be plenty of other opportunities for those that want to continue to develop these skills (which we would encourage). I would suggest looking at leadership fellowships and also courses run by the East Midlands Leadership academy (EMLA).

Although you will miss out on the integrated nature of the new course there is no reason not to adopt the philosophy behind it in the leadership experiences you will already be having.

I realise this is quite complicated, but this is inevitable when phasing in a new course. We are here to help for any further clarifications.

Kind regards

Dr Toby Delahooke

Associate Postgraduate Dean, East Midlands Leadership Lead

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