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East Midlands

Our training outcomes

Trainee Success

Our Trainees have succeeded in the Intercollegiate Exam on first attempt.

Intercollegiate Exam record:

  • Mehmood Jadoon first attempt
  • Vijay Joshi first attempt
  • TM Fiyaz Chowdhry first attempt
  • Mohamed Hawari first attempt
  • Keng Ang, passed first attempt                                           

Pre National selection:

  • Kelvin Lau passed first attempt
  • Rajwinder Jutley passed first attempt                                             
  • Antonio Ucar passed first attempt
  • Mohammed Asif passed first attempt                                             
  • Haitham Abunasra passed fourth attempt  
  • Anthony Walker passed first attempt                                              
  • Martin Chamberlain passed first attempt

Progress to Substantive Consultant Appointments (latest first):

  • Mohamed Fiyaz Chowdhry Consultant Thoracic Surgeon(L), Leicester
  • Keng Ang Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Leicester
  • Mohamed Hawari Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Nottingham
  • Kelvin Lau Consultant Thoracic Surgeon St Bartholomew’s Hospital London
  • Anthony Walker Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Blackpool
  • Haitham Abunasra Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Manchester
  • Mohammed Asif  Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Glasgow
  • Martin Chamberlain Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Southampton
  • Rajwinder Jutley Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Nottingham (Now in Nairobi)
  • Antonio Ucar Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Leicester, Nottingham (Now in Coventry)

OOPT trainees from other regions:

  • 2016 Hazem Fallouch Wales ST8 Thoracic Surgery
  • 2014 Paul Vaughan Wales ST7 Thoracic Surgery
  • 2013 Robert Peters North West Paediatric Surgery NTN  with interest in Thoracic Surgery
  • 2012 Jane Atkins ST7 London Thoracic Surgery
  • 2011 Naill McGonigle ST8 Northern Ireland Thoracic Surgery

Success in National selection:

  • 2016     Ricky Vaja Leicester Core Trainee to ST3 London
  • 2016     Yousef Salmasi Leicester Core Trainee to ST3 London
  • 2016      Nabil Hussein Leicester Foundation Trainee ST1 Yorkshire
  • 2013     Thomas Tsistsias Thoracic Clinical Fellow UHL to ST3 London
  • 2012    Mehmood Jadoon LAT 12 months into ST3 East Midlands
  • 2012    Mohammed Mydin LAT 12 months ST3North East
  • 2012    Vijay Joshi LAT 12 months into ST3 East Midlands
  • 2011    Amir Khosravi LAT 18 months to ST3 Wessex
  • Imran Rizvi LAT 12 months to ST3 South West
  • Anupama Barua LAT 12 months to ST3 Yorkshire
  • 2010    Keng Ang LAT 12 months to ST3 East Midland

 GMC Survey and STAR Rating

The East Midlands programme has very positive feedback both in the national GMC, JCST Surveys as well as the HEEM STAR rating.