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If you're looking to specialise in Urology, the East Midlands is the perfect place to train. When you come to the region you'll benefit from varied experiences at some of the UK's leading facilities as well as some excellent research opportunities.

The geography of the region means that it's easy to commute between your various placements and with London and Birmingham just over an hour away the East Midlands is also convenient for the rest of the UK. And, with the average house price 62% lower than London, it's also highly affordable.

Keep reading to find out more about Urology Surgery training in the East Midlands.

Develop your Urology career in the East Midlands

When you come to the East Midlands for your Urology Surgery training you'll join an excellent, well rounded programme of urological training across three large teaching hospitals in the region's big cities (Nottingham, Derby and Leicester) and four district general hospitals.

You'll gain experience in:

  • Purpose built urology centres with state-of-the-art diagnostic, theatre and outpatient facilities including one of the largest urology units in the UK
  • Major trauma centres, giving you exposure to cases of urological injury and trauma
  • Centres with Da Vinci surgical robots
  • A custom-built OR-1 theatre which enhances teaching and training in the operative environment
  • Centres that offer subspecialist training in andrology, female urology and complex renal cancer surgery
  • Successful robotic prostatectomy and partial nephrectomy services
  • Centres that perform high numbers of laparoscopic nephrectomies
  • Stone surgery at the centre that pioneered the mini-PCNL technique and which currently performs the highest numbers of mini-PCNL in the country
  • A subspecialist metabolic stone clinic
  • A supra-regional centre for testicular cancer and subspecialist urogynaecology sessions
  • A supra-regional centre of excellent for penile cancer

Training in Urology in the East Midlands offers you great research opportunities

As well as a popular, high quality Urology programme which is designed to give you the best training - the region boasts a 100% pass rate in the FRCS (Urol) exam for type 1 NTN trainees - you'll also benefit from some excellent research opportunities.

You'll have ample opportunity to become involved in clinical and translational research and both Nottingham and Leicester - two of the UK's top 25 universities - have 'academic urologists' who are keen to support you in developing research projects. Both cities have academic units with a track record of research fellows obtaining higher research degrees while Derby also supports a research fellow.

Urology Surgery training in the East Midlands gives you a great work/life balance

When you come to the East Midlands you'll find yourself in one of the most vibrant and thriving regions of the country. Local towns and cities are easily accessible from each other by road and rail, meaning you'll never face the prospect of moving home or a lengthy commute.

House prices are, on average, 44% lower than the South East while most major cities in the UK including Manchester, London, Birmingham and Leeds are less than two hours away.

You'll also get to enjoy world-class days out, including:

  • Towns and cities - visit the market towns of Chesterfield and Northampton, the Roman city of Lincoln dominated by its magnificent cathedral or the university cities of Leicester, Nottingham and Derby
  • Visitor attractions - Lonely Planet named the King Richard III Visitor's Centre in Derby in its top 10 hottest new global destinations of 2015 while the Guardian said Nottingham 'combines heritage and history with contemporary culture'
  • Sports events - watch Test cricket, Premier League football, the British Grand Prix, top division rugby and ice hockey and international water sports
  • Culture - enjoy the biggest Diwali celebrations outside India, one of Britain's prettiest streets, the UK's oldest comedy festival, an international film festival and world-class theatre, pop music and dance

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