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A structured training programme, the opportunity to participate in national portfolio research and broad experience gained in some of the UK's leading cities. These are just three reasons why you should consider the East Midlands for your Dermatology training.

The East Midlands offers a low cost of living, superb transport links and a highly regarded Dermatology training programme. Keep reading to find out more.

The East Midlands boasts world class art, sport and culture

The towns and cities of the thriving East Midlands include Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton and Lincoln. Living in the East Midlands means access to international sport, world class music and theatre and one of the UK's leading contemporary art galleries.

The region also hosts an international film festival, Test cricket, the largest Diwali celebrations outside India, the UK's most established comedy festival and the British Grand Prix.

"Dermatology training in the East Midlands offers great educational opportunities with a diverse population, weekly educational meetings and specialist clinics.  Leicester has a friendly dermatology department with a tight knit group of supportive registrars" - Dr Zoe Venables, Trainee

Enjoy some of the most beautiful countryside in the world

If you enjoy the great outdoors then the East Midlands is perfect for you. Derby is the gateway to the Peak District - the UK's first national park - while Nottinghamshire boasts Sherwood Forest and the famous legend of Robin Hood.

Leicestershire boasts dozens of charming villages and scenic countryside while Northamptonshire's beautiful country parks and network of canals are perfect for exploring.

A nationally regarded Dermatology training programme

As well as house prices that are 44% lower than the South East - despite being just over an hour from London by train with a fast and regular service - the East Midlands also offers a superb Dermatology training programme.

When you come to the East Midlands you're coming to a vibrant and busy region. Nottingham and Leicester are two of England's top ten cities and are centres for a wide range of other medical specialties at secondary and tertiary level.

What this means is that your clinical experience will be second to none, as the large catchment population and specialist services throw up unusual and varied cases. Your rotation will allow you to experience dermatology in both teaching hospitals and in district general and community hospitals. And, the rich ethnic mix of the region means that you'll be faced with interesting challenges and a broad mix of patients.

As well as broad training in all areas of general dermatology, you'll also be able to develop your career in sub-specialties through access to our:

  • Cutaneous lymphoma clinic
  • Blistering diseases clinic
  • Penile dermatology clinic
  • Vulval dermatology clinics
  • Hair diseases clinic
  • Paediatric dermatology clinics
  • Leg ulcer clinics
  • Patch test clinics
  • Complex skin cancers clinic

The East Midlands is also one of a handful of places in the UK where you can gain direct clinical experience in Moh's surgery.

A strong consultant team are based in the region and this means you'll learn from some nationally and internationally regarded experts. You'll also have the opportunity to be involved in national research.

For example, Nottingham hosts the internationally renowned Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology (CEBD) from which the UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network (UKDCTN) operates. Our training centres have a strong tradition of recruiting to the UKDCTN trials and our trainees have been successful in gaining fellowships at the CEBD and in obtaining research funding from national bodies.

Our trainees also love our weekly 'academic mornings' where they join the consultant team to carry out ward visits and to examine unusual cases. In addition, you'll be encouraged to attend monthly teaching as well as regional, national and international  meetings and conferences, including regular sessions at the Royal Society of Medicine. You will be encouraged to present at these meetings, and our trainees have won prizes for their presentations at a number of these events.

Dermatology training in the East Midlands will give you great clinical experience combined with plenty of academic opportunities, allowing you to build a strong CV to get you the consultant job you want.

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