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Clinical Immunology

Clinical Immunology is a rapidly developing medical specialty, which contributes to the diagnosis and management of patients with allergy, primary and secondary immunodeficiency, autoimmune diseases and also contributes to the success of organ transplantation. The majority of immunologists within the United Kingdom provide a combination of clinical and laboratory services. The contribution of immunologists to both these areas continues to evolve as new investigations are introduced and novel therapies are evaluated.

The clinical work of Immunologists is largely out-patient based and involves treating patients with primary immunodeficiency, allergy, autoimmune rheumatic disease and systemic vasculitis (jointly with Rheumatologists), joint paediatric clinics for children with immunodeficiency and allergy and immunoglobulin infusion clinics for patients with antibody deficiency. On the laboratory front, Consultant Immunologists are responsible for directing diagnostic immunology services and perform a wide range of duties including clinical liaison, interpretation and validation of results, quality assurance and assay development.

What makes Clinical Immunology an attractive specialty?

The variety of clinical problems encountered by a Clinical Immunologist and the opportunity to solve difficult diagnostic problems in patients with undefined immunodeficiencies or complex multi-system disease brings with it a huge intellectual buzz, not to mention the excitement of working in a specialty, which is closely linked to cutting edge science and new immunomodulatory therapies. For those with an academic interest there will be opportunites for research and the specialty also lends itself to less than full time training.


Why East Midlands?

The East Midlands is a vibrant and thriving region. With affordable house prices, superb transport links to the rest of the UK and a high quality training program, you can develop your career in one of the UK's most popular regions.

East Midlands boasts 2 Immunology training centres (Leicester –South, Nottingham – North) and maintains close links with Yorkshire and the Humber training (with a shared Training Program director) via the Trent Regional Immunology and Allergy Consortium, TRIAC. There is opportunity to gain experience in these other centres via individually tailored attachments according to training needs and interests.

World class sport, art, culture and heritage on your doorstep

The East Midlands is less than two hours from London, Birmingham, Oxford, Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds and with superb road, rail and air links it's easy to get to the rest of the UK and beyond. House prices in the region are significantly lower than the South - around 44% lower than the South East and 62% lower than London - and you can enjoy world class sport, culture, heritage and arts.

The region boasts Premier League football, one of the UK's leading contemporary art galleries, a major arena music venue, Test cricket, the UK's most established comedy festival, the British Grand Prix and one of the world's most celebrated cathedrals.

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