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Time Out of Foundation

The LNR and Trent foundation schools will consider applications to defer the start of foundation training at its two main entry routes i.e. start of F1 or the start of F2 year. Please note that applications to defer during the F1 or F2 year will only be considered in exceptional, usually unplanned; circumstances.

If you are a foundation doctor and wish to take time out of your foundation programme you should first discuss this with your educational supervisor and foundation training programme director.

If after discussion, you decide to go ahead with your request to take time out, you should fill in a TOFP request form, which can be found on the Forms and Guidance page of the UKFPO website.  Guidance on Time Out of Foundation Programme can be found in the Gold Guide on the GMC website.  

Completed TOFP forms, or any queries, should be sent to: