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Study Leave

Generic Teaching

All hospital-based FTPDs are responsible for the provision of generic teaching sessions for their F1 and F2 doctors. The timetables for these teaching sessions can be accessed via the Medical Education Centre in the Trust you are working.

Study Leave

F1 doctors have no entitlement to study leave as described in the UKFPO Reference Guide.

Full guidance on the provisions made for study leave for F2 doctors within the two foundation schools are outlined in the school’s policy.

Foundation Skills Programme - Mandatory Courses

FY1 Trainees are required to attend the following mandatory training course:

  • F1 Acute Simulation
  • End of Life Care
  • Careers training day

FY2 trainees are required to attend the following mandatory training courses: 

  • F2 Acute Simulation
  • Psychiatry Simulation (if you have not had an F1 or F2 Psychiatry placement)
  • Advanced Life Support (managed at Trust level

In addition the Foundation School have procured some generic course to help the F2 trainees to meet the CPD requirements. 



Foundation Skills Programme - Failure to Attend

Foundation doctors who fail to attend a scheduled Foundation Skills taught course for which they hold a confirmed booking, may be liable to self-fund attendance on a future course date. If you are no longer able to attend your scheduled course date, please note that you are required to provide at least 6 weeks’ notice of cancellation via the Accent Course Manager system. Full policy guidance on this is outlined in the Schools’ Study Leave Policy and FAQs document, which can be downloaded from this page.

Specialty Exams

Both LNR and Trent foundation school recognise that some trainees may wish to take professional exams during their time in the training programme.

If this applies to you, you must discuss your request with your Educational Supervisor and local FTPD who can advise whether this is appropriate for you in your circumstances and your current progression within the programme. If both agree that this is appropriate then your FTPD will need to confirm this by email to HEE ( so that you may utilise any unused taster leave to attend your exam day; neither foundation school is able to fund exam fees and/or expenses. Neither foundation school will grant study (taster) leave for exam preparation.