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East Midlands


The pages in this section of our website have been designed to provide prospective, new and current trainees with an overview of how the foundation training programme is delivered locally in the two East Midlands Foundation Schools.


The first year of the Foundation Programme builds upon the knowledge, skills and competences acquired in undergraduate training. The learning objectives for this year are set by the General Medical Council. In order to attain full registration with the GMC, doctors must achieve specific competences by the end of this year. 


Following the successful completion of your F1 year and gaining Full GMC registration you will then commence in your F2 placement. The second year of the Foundation Programme builds on the first year of training. The main focus is on training in the assessment and management of the acutely ill patient. Training also encompasses the generic professional skills applicable to all areas of medicine - team work, time management, communication and IT skills.

Key personnel within your employing Trust

When you begin your Foundation Training it is important that you identify the key personnel who work within your Trust as they will be able to assist you during your foundation years. Every Trust has a staffed Postgraduate Medical Education Centre, a Director of Postgraduate Medical Education, and a Foundation Training Programme Director. From the Postgraduate Medical Education Centre, you will receive a full induction, find out about your study leave, courses available, assessment and appraisal, teaching sessions and much more. You will receive information regarding your banding and annual and sickness leave from the Medical Staffing Department within the Trust.

Trainee Forums

Both schools ask each Trust to nominate an F1 and an F2 trainee representative; from this pool of trainees one F1 and one F2 trainee will attend the Joint Foundation Schools Board meetings. Both Foundation Schools also facilitate twice yearly Trainee Forum meetings, for the nominated trainee representatives.