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Please refer to the table below on this page for further details on the ACF posts on offer at the University of Leicester. Please note that a number of these posts are in direct competition with each other. For further information, please contact Professor Jonathan Barratt, Head of School for Clinical Academic Training ( An overview of the University of Lincoln academic programme is available from Professor Danny McLaughlin (, Associate Dean of Medicine.

For more specific information on ACF opportunities please visit:

The advertising and application period for these posts will be from Friday 6th October until Wednesday 1st November 2023Exact interview date for each specialty to be confirmed.

It will NOT be possible to submit an application after the closing time stated. Applications will only be accepted if submitted online via the Oriel Recruitment System

Interview Date: Thursday 14th December 2023

1Applicants to this level must already hold a NTN/DRN in the specialty or apply via national recruitment to specialty this for Clinical Benchmarking.

2As there is no opportunity to apply via national recruitment for clinical benchmarking at this level, applicants to this level must already hold a NTN/DRN in the specialty.

3Applicants to ST2/ST3 level must already hold an IMT/ACCS-AM DRN