Round 2 Vacancies

Speciality Training Recruitment Round 2

Applications open        10.00 GMT Wednesday 29th January 2020

Applications close       16.00 GMT Wednesday 19th February 2020

Medical Recruitment 2020- Round 2 Vacancies for Health Education England working across the East Midlands

*Vacancies are indicative and subject to change (increase or decrease).  The table below will be populated when we are notified of vacancies for participating specialties

Applications will be via the Oriel recruitment system.  


Specialty Level
Acute Internal Medicine ST3
Anaesthetics ST3
Cardiology ST3
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ST4
Clinical Genetics ST3
Clinical Oncology ST3
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics ST3
Combined Infection Training ST3
Dermatology ST3
Diagnostic Neuropathology ST3
Emergency Medicine ST3
Emergency Medicine ST3 DRE-EM
Emergency Medicine ST4
Endocrinology and Diabetes ST3
Forensic Psychiatry ST4
Gastroenterology ST3
General Adult Psychiatry ST4
General Surgery ST3
Genito-Urinary Medicine ST3
Geriatric Medicine ST3
Haematology ST3
Immunology ST3
Intensive Care Medicine ST3
Medical Oncology ST3
Metabolic Medicine ST3
Neurology ST3
Obstetrics and Gynaecology ST3
Occupational Medicine ST3
Old Age Psychiatry ST4
Otolaryngology (ENT) ST3
Paediatrics ST3
Paediatrics ST4
Paediatric Cardiology ST3
Palliative Medicine ST3
Plastic Surgery ST3
Psychiatry of Learning Disability ST4
Rehabilitation Medicine ST3
Renal Medicine ST3
Respiratory Medicine ST3
Rheumatology ST3
Sport and Exercise Medicine ST3
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery ST3
Urology ST3
Vascular Surgery ST3