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East Midlands

GP Induction and Refresher Programme

The East Midlands LETB Induction and Refresher Programme provides support for GPs returning to UK clinical general practice after a period of absence from practice of 2 or more years. Induction training is provided for EU GPs at the request of NHS England.

Acceptance onto the programme is dependent on the successful completion of nationally agreed entry assessments.

Training is based in training practices and is undertaken up to 6 months full-time equivalent.

For further details please contact Dr Bevis Heap ( or Rebecca Tongue ( The GP National Recruitment Office (NRO) is now overseeing the application process for the Induction and Refresher scheme for the whole of England.

To apply, please download the Induction and Refresher application form via the NRO website:

Your completed application, along with the required supporting information should be submitted to the NRO.

Information regarding entry assessments will be provided by the NRO once your application has been received and meets the eligibility criteria.

Further information on the application process is detailed on the NRO website.