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GPStR Out of Hours (OOH) Training

Your Out of Hours training in General Practice will be provided by your local Out of Hours provider and this will be based on our OOH Guidance Document (updated in August 2012). Please take time to read this document, which details everything you need to know about your OOH training and is available to download. See also the document about GPStRs and outside employment.

The policy on your OOH training requirements is based on COGPED and RCGP guidance and also takes into account local requirements. The following are some of the important points:

  • Educational Supervision of your OOH training in your GP training post will be the responsibility of your Educational supervisor who will undertake overall supervision and management of your out of hours experience.  You will need to provide your trainer with portfolio evidence and formative feedback from your clinical supervisor(s) at your OOH provider.  We would recommend you do this using the 'Record of out of hours Session' form as well as the out of hours session learning Log entry in your e-Portfolio under curriculum statement 7, Care of acutely ill People. We would recommend you download  copy the 'Record of out of hours Session' form and use it whenever you attend an OOH session and ensure this is completed and signed by your OOH clinical supervisor at the end of your session. You will need to scan this completed form into your e-portfolio when making a learning log entry, as evidence for your attendance. When you create your log entry please include the duration of shift and the cumulative total of OOH done in the subject title. This makes it easier for you, your supervisor and ARCP panels to check your progression with OOH training.
  • Your OOH Clinical Supervision will be undertaken by a clinical supervisor who may or may not be your own GP Trainer. Clinical supervision can be provided by another approved GP Trainer in your training programme. It may also be another GP who is not an approved GP Trainer but who has undergone a session of training to be able to supervise you. Some OOH providers in this area have some trained nurses and other healthcare professionals who have also undergone similar supervision training, and able to supervise certain aspects of your OOH training.
  • You will be expected to do 6 hours of OOH training per calendar month of your GP attachment. This does not have to be done on a month by month basis as this will depend on availability of OOH sessions and your stage of training. (for example when doing your first GP attachment in ST1 you may not be doing any OOH during your first month), but we would expect you to have completed your hourly requirement by the end of every GP attachment i.e  have completed 24 hours at the end of a 4 month attachment or 72 hours at the end of a 12 month attachment in General Practice, or pro rata for every month spent in your training practice.
  • Please note that you can only do GP OOH training whilst in a GP post.
  • You will normally be expected to sign an Honorary Contract with your OOH provider. Please check with your Programme Directors whether this has been agreed in your locality.
  • You will be responsible for arranging your own OOH sessions with your local OH provider, and details of how this can be done will be provided by your Programme Directors. Please liaise with your Programme Directors if there are any issues or problems arranging sessions.