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East Midlands

Trainee Perspectives on East Midlands

Four GP Trainees talk about their experiences of living and training in the East Midlands. The patient perspective is also given as to what makes a good GP.

With thanks to:
Hannah Lawan
Kate Stanton
Kathryn Harrison
Sheraz Mumtaz
Stephen Hitchin
Catriona McAra
Jack Silverman

Trainee Interviews - IMG Perspective

Interviews with GP trainees from the East Midlands LETB where they share their experiences of navigating GP training from the perspective of being international medical graduates.

On this page you will find 9 interviews and associated texts which provide a unique insight into the journey undertaken by 3 GP trainees from the East Midlands LETB. In the downloads section on the right are two related PowerPoint presentations which may be of interest.

The Story of an IMG

How to be a successful IMG


Tips for Trainers

A new trainer Liz interviews 2 new local educators, Ani and Anjla (Part 1)

A new trainer Liz interviews 2 new local educators, Ani and Anjla (Part 2)

Experiences as an IMG - Languages, Challenges

Mona discusses some of the challenges she has faced

Amit and Diane discuss the different types of support available


Special thanks go to the 3 trainees interviewed and to the 4 interviewers for their involvement and hard work in making these videos. 
Fiola Ada Onuoha - Trainee
Mona Singh - Trainee
Amit Banerjee - Trainee
Anjla Sharman – GP Training Programme Director, Equality in Training 
Diane Wallis – GP based in Leicestershire 
Ani Gavrilovic – GP based in Nottingham 
Liz Muir – GP based on Nottingham