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East Midlands

East Midlands Online Survey

The East Midlands Online Survey is proving very helpful as part of our quality control agenda. The questions asked as an exit survey of trainees are based on those used by the GMC for their annual survey. The intention is to provide continuing feedback to help us all to celebrate success and sometimes to deal with problems when they arise. It will help us to be aware of problems before the GMC is, so we can reassure them we are addressing them appropriately.

The use of the survey after each post (both hospital and GP) for each trainee also allows us to triangulate feedback to iron out variations that arise in feedback so a consensus is achieved on individual posts. Feedback in localities will be managed through your Programme Directors as part of local faculty development. The feedback will automatically from part of the portfolio of evidence for future trainer re-approvals.

Click below to see the questions for both GP specialty trainees in GP Practice placements and GP specialty trainees in trust placements.