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Psychiatry is a rewarding career offering you a great choice of careers. The East Midlands offers a range of high quality training schemes and so whether you're looking to train in Core Psychiatry or one of the many Psychiatry sub-specialties you'll find the perfect programme.

"I have had a wonderful experience training as a psychiatrist in Leicester. I have worked alongside some brilliant psychiatrists who have been friendly and keen to teach. They have taken the time to explain things to me and have been interested in my own development. I have encountered the full range of psychiatric conditions and been involved in multi-disciplinary treatment that has been very educational" - Steve Dyer, Trainee

Keep reading to find out more about why you should train in Psychiatry in the East Midlands.

High quality Psychiatry training in some of the UK's leading facilities

If you're looking for high quality training in Core Psychiatry or one of the main sub-specialties, the East Midlands offers lots of opportunities.

You will benefit from high quality, structured training in a range of areas including:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability
  • Old Age Psychiatry
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • General Psychiatry
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The region boasts one of the leading mental health institutes in the UK; the Institute of Mental Health. This fosters cutting edge research in the field of psychiatry, psychology, social care, leadership and innovation backed by world class expertise. Over 200 journal papers are published each year and you'll join a successful and established academic team.

Trainees have consistently rated the programmes highly and the region offers a range of facilities and opportunities that you won't find elsewhere in the UK. You'll benefit from exposure to:

  • Specialist neurodevelopmental services including dedicated Asperger and ADHD services run by nationally recognised experts in their fields
  • One of the few population-based Intellectual Disability registers which provides a fantastic research resource
  • The only internationally recognised prescribing guideline in Intellectual/Learning Disability
  • A dedicated Therapy Service for People with Personality Disorder
  • A Dynamic Psychotherapy Service offering an intensive experience in the psychoanalytic approach, with long-term and brief individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy

"All of the major psychiatric specialties are well catered for within the East Midlands deanery, and my experience of training here is that there is very much an attitude of camaraderie and support to psychiatrists in training across all specialties, as well as a keenness to give us opportunities to nurture our ambitions and achieve our professional goals" - Sam Tromans, Trainee

The East Midlands is one of the UK's most thriving and vibrant regions

Centred around the major towns and cities of Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Lincoln and Northampton, the East Midlands is conveniently located, affordable and the home of world-class sport, culture and arts.

The geography of the region means that training programmes are carefully designed to maximise your experience without the need for you to face a lengthy commute or to move home. This gives you a superb work/life balance and means you and your family can put down roots.

In addition, the East Midlands offers:

  • Fantastic days out - with hundreds of superb attractions including the National Videogame Arcade, Sherwood Forest, the Derby Dance Centre, the National Space Centre, the Althorp Estate, Europe's finest cathedral in Lincoln and the new-look £22m revamp of Lincoln Castle, and the King Richard III Visitor's Centre, you're never short of something to do
  • Great living - Nottingham was named in the Sunday Times Top 50 Urban Places to Live in the UK in 2015 and Lonely Planet praised Derby for having 'a lot to offer...that you don't get anywhere else in England', meanwhile, steeped in history and brimming with life, Lincoln was listed in 2014 by the Sunday Times as one of the 'best places to live’ in the UK
  • World-class culture, art and sport - the region boasts the UK's oldest comedy festival, Premier League football, the biggest Diwali celebrations outside India, Test cricket, the British Grand Prix, an Arena concert venue, an international film festival and one of the UK's leading contemporary art galleries

“I love training in the East Midlands because it provides me with an enriching clinical experience in a wide range of therapy models. Above all I find my trainers very supportive and inspiring who encourage me to pursue my training interests and achieve my goals. I would honestly recommend psychotherapy training in the East Midlands to anyone looking for a well-rounded training experience” - Current trainee

For more information contact our Head of School:

Tuhina Lloyd - tuhina.lloyd@nottshc.nhs.uk