Foundation Programme Recruitment



An introduction to training in the LNR and Trent Foundation Schools from Dr Robert Powell, Director of Foundation Training for the East Midlands

For further information on LNR and Trent Foundation Schools, please see the brochures below in the downloads area.

Key Dates

Notification of Allocation to Foundation School: Thursday 7th March 2019

Deadline for Programme Group Ranking: Thursday 14th March 2019 - 5 pm *

Notification of Match to Programme Group: Friday 15th March 2019

Deadline for Programme Ranking: Wednesday 27th March 2019 - 5 pm *

Notification of Match to Programme: Thursday 4th April 2019

Recruitment Paperwork Transferred to Employing Organisations (e.g. allocations, application forms, references): By Thursday 11th April 2019

Receive Allocation Letter via email: Thursday 11th April 2019

* If you miss the deadline, you will be allocated randomly to any remaining programme group/programme once the matching process has been completed.

Job Descriptions

Click here to view LNR job descriptions.

Click here to view Trent job descriptions.

Score Distribution Charts

LNR and Trent Score Distribution Charts for 2017 recruitment are available in the downloads section on this page.

Special Circumstances

Special circumstances pre-allocates you to Foundation School, but not to a group or programme within LNR or Trent.  Therefore, you should rank groups and programmes by the specified deadlines.

Linked Applications

Linked applications allow for you to be in the same Foundation School and Programme Group, not the same programme, employing organisation or town.

Reserve List Allocations

Applicants will be contacted via email on the day of allocation to Foundation School with details of allocation to programme.


For all enquiries, please email