Relocation and Excess Travel

Important Update:
A national policy on Relocation and Excess Travel is expected in 2020. 
In the meantime, a Midlands guidance document has been prepared and was implemented in the East Midlands on 1 January 2020.
The original (2007) policy in the East Midlands is still available below, in addition to the new Midlands document.

We have been working with our colleagues in the West Midlands on a Midlands-wide guidance document.  National guidance is expected later in 2020, and in anticipation of that the new guidance is an interim arrangement.  We have been engaging with NHS Trusts in order that they are ready to adopt the new guidance document. 

Please take some time to review this document, but for now, you may wish to note two key changes: the principle of a base hospital is being removed (instead, all mileage above 20 miles each way to your place of work would be considered ‘excess’) and the limit for claims throughout your training will increase from £5,000 to £8,000 to bring us in line with other local offices around the country.

Initial queries about relocation or excess travel should always be directed to employers.  In the event of a query for HEE, please email



Lead Employer - GP training
The Lead Employer for GP trainees (St Helen and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust) manages all claims for relocation and excess travel for GP trainees in the East Midlands region.  Full details can be accessed on

New Guidance - Midlands (interim)
12 December 2019: Note the new Midlands guidance document is now available (see below).  It will be implemented in the East Midlands from 1 January 2020 as an interim measure pending the new national guidance later in 2020.