Referral by programme

The Professional Support Unit (PSU) are here to help trainees overcome difficult periods within their training and we have a wide range of support available. The first step however starts with you. The PSU took the decision to no longer accept self referrals and only accept referrals sent by the trainees training programme. This was to ensure that supervisors where aware of the situation and that intervention could be taken early and even solve the issues without the need for a referral.

To aid this, we have now developed our new referral form which allows for the referrer to fully explain the situation and steps that they have already taken. The PSU can then use this information to explore with the trainee what further support they might need. At the same time the PSU might decide that a referral to the unit is not the right route to take for the trainee. In this instance, we will kindly send back your form along with advice on what should be done before a referral is made. Because of this, we can no longer accept any previous version of our referral form and you will be asked to resend the new one. In addition, the PSU are no longer accepting referrals by post, so all must be sent to our shared inbox at